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24/7 Dispatch

Our logistics company provides dispatching services around the clock to ensure that all of your things are managed quickly and efficiently, day or night. Our staff will make certain that you receive your products as soon as possible and that your supply chain remains operating.


Cusotmer Care

Customer satisfaction is our logistics company's top goal. Our customer service representatives will gladly answer any inquiries or concerns you may have. To ensure that our clients have a great experience, we aim to provide personalized and quick service.

Manage Unexpected Delays

Unexpected delays are common during transportation. We have a logistics team that is experienced in managing delays. They can quickly assess the situation and implement alternative solutions for minimal disruption. We can handle any unexpected challenge efficiently, and maintain your operation on schedule.

Rate Negotiation

We are expert in negotiating rates to help you get the best possible rate for your shipment. Our extensive network of carriers and our market knowledge allow us to negotiate fair rates for you, ensuring that your business has the most economical options. You can rely on us to lower your logistics costs and maintain high service standards.

Factoring Setup

Our experts will provide you with detailed help in setting up factoring for your logistic and dispatch company. We can help you find a factoring company that is reputable and meets your business requirements. Our experts are dedicated to serving you set up a factoring contract that will give you the cash you need to operate efficiently. We know the importance to manage your cash flow.

Weekly Analysis

Weekly Analysis You can make informed decisions with our weekly reports. Our logistic specialists analyze important performance indicators and transportation costs, as well as delivery times and other variables, to provide you with useful information. This information can help you optimize your supply chains, improve efficiency and identify areas of improvement.

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About Us

MIQWEH Logistics & Dispatch is more than just a logistics provider; it is a reliable business partner. We strive to exceed your assumption with our unchanging commitment to customer service, quality, and dependability. You'll experience what it is like to be part of a team that has devoted itself to providing outstanding dispatch and logistic services.